Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sparkle! Polish! Glitter!

Square Tips with Red Stripes
and Sour Candy, 2013.
Alan Design Studio teamed up with Bert Green of Bert Green Fine Art to host a nail art event for friends, old & new -- and the night was a huge success!    The event featured an exhibition of photography by Helen Maurene Cooper titled Hard Candy: Square and Stiletto, as well as the opportunity to have a nail art session with a nail artist from NaughtyNail’z in Logan Square.  

The nail art movement has taken self-expression to a new level and created a culture all its own.  Hard Candy is an “investigation into the geographical, cultural, and socio-political influences on the aesthetics of Chicago nail art”.  Cooper creates colorful works that showcase the uniqueness of each nail design, and Sparkle! Polish! Glitter! was a chance for our friends to become a part of the art! 
Our table filled with a variety of delicious items -- Nail tech adding gems to a guest's nails -- Colette, Fabi, and Julie enjoying a nail art session

It was great to see everyone getting creative with ideas for their custom nail art – the best part about the event was walking around the party and seeing what others had chosen for their nail art designs.  There was even an opportunity to get an exclusive portrait taken of your nail art!  Helen Maurene set up a studio in the back room for people to photograph their nail art with an array of colorful props and backdrops.  
Helen Maurene Cooper creating a colorful background -- Jean Alan showing her manicure to Rosaire, Laura, and Eunice -- Glinnus of Naughty Nail'z having a nail art portrait taken

We hope that everyone had as much fun as we did!  Works from Helen Maurene Cooper’s Hard Candy will be on display in our showroom until the end of the year.  If you weren’t able to make it to the event, be sure to stop by and see the art for yourself!

Alan Design Studio team getting a nail art portrait taken -- Carrie, Gina, and Jasmine of Naughty Nail'z -- Monique Moyet in the middle of a surprise performance

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

ADS Originals: The Diva Table

Inspecting the finished Diva Table

ADS Originals: The Diva Table

The next custom piece of furniture that is part of the ADS Originals: Ruthie Alan Collection is the Diva Table.  Ruthie at Alan Design Studio conceptualized and designed this ‘lux’ table.  Everything about this table is homegrown; the design concept, the construction materials and the artisans who fabricated each piece, were all sourced locally in Chicago.  Close attention was paid to every detail, at every step of it's creation, and the outcome is simply stunning.

Copper; Prior to Nickel Finish
The Diva table is constructed of four pieces of copper which meet at a metal spinner.  The table top is hollow, slightly recessed, and has a hammered metal finish.  The table top also doubles as a structural element because it contains a wooden load-bearing disc. The wooden edge around the table top, which is intentionally left exposed to add a luxurious aesthetic, is kept flush with the polished nickel edge of the top to create a finished look. 

Two small “bells” which are stacked end to end, similar to an hourglass shape, create the pedestal.  The base was treated with the same hammered metal texture, but a crisp polished nickel edge was left near the bottom to add a finishing detail.  The Diva Table is a culmination of materials and layers creating one distinct design.  The entire table is finished in a polished nickel finish.

Hammered Copper Top with
a Shimmery Nickel Finish

Please contact Alan Design Studio for more information about custom ordering The Diva Table.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

ADS Originals: Slab Glass Screen

Jean and Ruthie Alan have been designing and producing one-of-a-kind pieces since 1994, and continue to do so under their new brand: ADS Originals. ADS Originals are custom pieces created by Jean and Ruthie individually and collaboratively in this new facet of Alan Design Studio. They’re called ADS Originals because they’re bespoke, unique pieces. Some pieces are commissioned by clients, others are born of Jean and Ruthie’s creative vision. ADS Original pieces have already gained a reputation as showpieces in their client’s homes.  
One example, the Slab Glass Screen.  The 9-by-7-foot metal screen with translucent pieces of colored glass inserted into the frame catches and refracts light beautifully. The screen can be used as a new take on a room divider, or stand alone as an art piece. The Slab Glass Screen is made entirely in Chicago, and was featured in CS Interiors, Chicago’s luxury interior design magazine.  You can view the article by clicking this link and then at the top of that page clicking the word "Cover" and then selecting "Page 40-Page 41".
Slab glass is also referred to as ‘Dalle de Verre’ or ‘Concrete Windows’.  Concrete is the original method of constructing Dalle de Verre windows.  Churches throughout the world feature this method of presenting stained glass.

Over the course of the next year, we’ll be featuring a couple new pieces each month on our Facebook page. As always, you can go directly to and click on the SHOP button at the bottom and get pricing and spec sheets at any time.

Friday, February 15, 2013

The "SHOP" of Things to Come

Alan Design Studio SHOP Custom Bespoke Furniture ChicagoWell, it's been a while since we last posted and that's because we've been going through a lot of changes here at Alan Design Studio. First the new name and logo, next came our beautiful new website, then the redesigned space and custom stone floor designed by Jean, and then gathering together some of the amazing custom pieces of furniture to display in our showroom. The next step in our renaissance was to promote some of the custom pieces we've done for clients over the years and allow anyone to grab that information off of our website

We've added in a new SHOP section to our site where you can get tear sheets (informational one-sheets) that have high-quality images of each piece along with dimensions, upholstery and finish details, and pricing. This makes it extremely easy for anyone anywhere to see what we do and then call us or email us to order those pieces. Since everything we do is custom, you will need to call us, email us, and/or stop in our showroom to discuss the specifics of your desired pieces.

This new SHOP and these pieces along with our interior design services makes Alan Design Studio the best place for you to come for that perfect chair, that perfect chaise, that perfect table, and all the way up to that perfect space.