Thursday, March 7, 2013

ADS Originals: Slab Glass Screen

Jean and Ruthie Alan have been designing and producing one-of-a-kind pieces since 1994, and continue to do so under their new brand: ADS Originals. ADS Originals are custom pieces created by Jean and Ruthie individually and collaboratively in this new facet of Alan Design Studio. They’re called ADS Originals because they’re bespoke, unique pieces. Some pieces are commissioned by clients, others are born of Jean and Ruthie’s creative vision. ADS Original pieces have already gained a reputation as showpieces in their client’s homes.  
One example, the Slab Glass Screen.  The 9-by-7-foot metal screen with translucent pieces of colored glass inserted into the frame catches and refracts light beautifully. The screen can be used as a new take on a room divider, or stand alone as an art piece. The Slab Glass Screen is made entirely in Chicago, and was featured in CS Interiors, Chicago’s luxury interior design magazine.  You can view the article by clicking this link and then at the top of that page clicking the word "Cover" and then selecting "Page 40-Page 41".
Slab glass is also referred to as ‘Dalle de Verre’ or ‘Concrete Windows’.  Concrete is the original method of constructing Dalle de Verre windows.  Churches throughout the world feature this method of presenting stained glass.

Over the course of the next year, we’ll be featuring a couple new pieces each month on our Facebook page. As always, you can go directly to and click on the SHOP button at the bottom and get pricing and spec sheets at any time.