Tuesday, June 11, 2013

ADS Originals: The Diva Table

Inspecting the finished Diva Table

ADS Originals: The Diva Table

The next custom piece of furniture that is part of the ADS Originals: Ruthie Alan Collection is the Diva Table.  Ruthie at Alan Design Studio conceptualized and designed this ‘lux’ table.  Everything about this table is homegrown; the design concept, the construction materials and the artisans who fabricated each piece, were all sourced locally in Chicago.  Close attention was paid to every detail, at every step of it's creation, and the outcome is simply stunning.

Copper; Prior to Nickel Finish
The Diva table is constructed of four pieces of copper which meet at a metal spinner.  The table top is hollow, slightly recessed, and has a hammered metal finish.  The table top also doubles as a structural element because it contains a wooden load-bearing disc. The wooden edge around the table top, which is intentionally left exposed to add a luxurious aesthetic, is kept flush with the polished nickel edge of the top to create a finished look. 

Two small “bells” which are stacked end to end, similar to an hourglass shape, create the pedestal.  The base was treated with the same hammered metal texture, but a crisp polished nickel edge was left near the bottom to add a finishing detail.  The Diva Table is a culmination of materials and layers creating one distinct design.  The entire table is finished in a polished nickel finish.

Hammered Copper Top with
a Shimmery Nickel Finish

Please contact Alan Design Studio for more information about custom ordering The Diva Table.

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