Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sparkle! Polish! Glitter!

Square Tips with Red Stripes
and Sour Candy, 2013.
Alan Design Studio teamed up with Bert Green of Bert Green Fine Art to host a nail art event for friends, old & new -- and the night was a huge success!    The event featured an exhibition of photography by Helen Maurene Cooper titled Hard Candy: Square and Stiletto, as well as the opportunity to have a nail art session with a nail artist from NaughtyNail’z in Logan Square.  

The nail art movement has taken self-expression to a new level and created a culture all its own.  Hard Candy is an “investigation into the geographical, cultural, and socio-political influences on the aesthetics of Chicago nail art”.  Cooper creates colorful works that showcase the uniqueness of each nail design, and Sparkle! Polish! Glitter! was a chance for our friends to become a part of the art! 
Our table filled with a variety of delicious items -- Nail tech adding gems to a guest's nails -- Colette, Fabi, and Julie enjoying a nail art session

It was great to see everyone getting creative with ideas for their custom nail art – the best part about the event was walking around the party and seeing what others had chosen for their nail art designs.  There was even an opportunity to get an exclusive portrait taken of your nail art!  Helen Maurene set up a studio in the back room for people to photograph their nail art with an array of colorful props and backdrops.  
Helen Maurene Cooper creating a colorful background -- Jean Alan showing her manicure to Rosaire, Laura, and Eunice -- Glinnus of Naughty Nail'z having a nail art portrait taken

We hope that everyone had as much fun as we did!  Works from Helen Maurene Cooper’s Hard Candy will be on display in our showroom until the end of the year.  If you weren’t able to make it to the event, be sure to stop by and see the art for yourself!

Alan Design Studio team getting a nail art portrait taken -- Carrie, Gina, and Jasmine of Naughty Nail'z -- Monique Moyet in the middle of a surprise performance