Saturday, January 25, 2014

ADS Originals: The Rock Table


Preliminary sketches of Rock Table construction
This table was inspired after talking with a client about designing a coffee table unlike anything else.  After tossing around a few ideas, Ruthie came across a photo of a rock and decided she wanted to design a stone table that mimicked the rock’s shape.  She sent the photo to her client to see what she thought about the idea.  The client responded simply by saying “did you just send me a picture of a rock?”
The photo prompted a discussion between the two about materials, and although Ruthie’s initial thought was to use stone, the client suggested using wood.  After considering the construction process a bit more, they decided on using wood.

Once the choice of material was made, Ruthie purchased an Elm tree sourced locally through Horigan Lumber to make the table. The next step in the process was to find a woodworking artisan with the skills to construct such a table.  After finding the right woodworker, it took a series of sketches and brainstorming sessions to determine the best way to make this table.  They came to the conclusion that the table needed to be hollow, so the tree trunk was cut into boards.  The outer portion of the table is composed of these long boards and the sides of the table are made of squares of end grain.  It was then shaped by hand to give it that river rock shape.   

Staining the table a warm, rich color was the final step in creating this unique “rock table”.  Ruthie took on the challenge of designing a coffee table unlike anything else – and boy did she deliver.  The extensive design process certainly paid off because this table is stunning!  Take a look for yourself:  

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